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>> stephanie: all right, happy election day. kids, don't forget election special talking liberally 7:00 p.m. eastern jackie, chris and i a night of too many stars once again. >> i'm buffing the big plastic table for us. >> stephanie: shine that up for us. >> i am, i'm windexing that puppy. >> stephanie: i'm feeling happy clappy, how are you? >> i feel good. once you personally vote, i'll
6:59 am
feel better. >> stephanie: once i have my sticker all will be right for the world. i'll be wearing my sticker and nothing else for the show today because i need to win the tart-off. >> can we get you two stickers? >> mitt and ann romney have voted. romney says he feels very, very good about his chances overall and great about ohio. he is now taking off for cleveland and pittsburgh. plenty of resources on line if you're still not entirely sure where you can vote today and when. one of the easiest and most fun is the google doodle. the company changes its logo for special occasions. click on a ballot, it takes you to a page to enter your address to find your polling place. the wall street currently has a
7:00 am
site called what time do the polls and has the opening times for all 50 states and washington d.c. voting is easier in some states than others, both for procedural reasons and logical reasons in states like new york and new jersey where folks are still suffering the aftermath of the superstorm sandy people are voting in the dark to voting in tents to navigating new rules. new jersey, election officials say people can email or fax in their ballot, but they also have to send in the physical paperwork as well for that vote to count. there was some discrepancy whether or not that physical paper would be necessary. it is when the system is used for military and overseas voters and that's going to have to be the same way for people who have been displaced by the storm. hopefully, everyone will still get out and give it a shot. we'll be back with more steph after the break. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: happy election day, everyone. listen there's a lot of studying to do in california. a lot of studying. >> like where your polling place is. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from anywhere. you can email us. there's too many propositions. do i have to know all this? a lot of studying involved.
7:05 am
>> a lot of propositions, both city and state. because we have the porn proposition. >> stephanie: right. what are you doing on that one? >> if it passes, then condoms will be necessary required for every porn shoot in los angeles. >> porn skill. [buzzer] >> stephanie: kids, happy election day very, very exciting. it really is a morning of too many stars. we have jake gyllenhall, sarah jessica parker, rob reiner and cecile richards from planned parenthood. good morning. >> caller: good morning, how are you? >> stephanie: you took a leave of absence from your very fancy job. >> for the women who come to planned parenthood who depend on us really, inning is more important than this presidential election. i had the honor of volunteering for president obama last month. i'm in richmond, virginia right now, getting out the vote.
7:06 am
it's going to be a good day. >> stephanie: i can't even imagine. did you do a spit take when you heard mitt romney say we are going to get rid of that, planned parenthood. >> caller: i think he just doesn't get it when it comes to women and of course, now he's trying to say anything he has to to get women to vote for him. i think women know they can't trusted him and that's what i'm hearing out here in the field is women are saying look, why would we go backwards in america and president obama's been a great president for women. >> stephanie: i have to say particularly for 2012, i've never seen a clearer choice for women. i mean, it really is kind of astounding that we have a canned date that is not sure if he would have voted for equal pay can't give an answer on that. >> caller: right. >> stephanie: would get writ of planned parenthood, what else? we can go down the list. >> caller: not only the fact that he could never answer the question about whether he believes in equal pay for women that's something that we know
7:07 am
costs women nearly $400,000 in a lifetime because of how much less we get paid. that's just a fundamental issue. i'm hearing from a lot of women too, who are really concerned that mitt romney keeps saying he would love to overturn roe v. wade and of course the next president will make one or two supreme court points that could do just that. >> stephanie: you know, it's interesting with all the attention that resolved around the 47% comments, i'm sure you heard the other part of that tape where he talked, i don't know if it's a different tape, but him again privately recorded saying he was proud of the fact that he signed anything antti choice he possibly could in massachusetts. >> caller: that's right. he's very, very clear. he said he would be delighted to sign a bill overturning row. he'd like to take away the rights for women. women are saying i can't imagine my daughter or my granddaughter would have fewer rights than i do. this is a constitutional right
7:08 am
women have had in america for 40 years and mitt romney is saying he wants to get rid of it. >> stephanie: you know, it's almost impossible to know what he thinks about anything, because he seems to be a man completely devoid of principles, because he's obviously changed on every single subject. my fear is what you just said, that his real beliefs are much more conservative than what he's feigning. >> caller: all i've heard from the romney campaign is well, those issues don't matter. he has the right position, and in fact, i don't see him running any television ads proudly proclaiming his commitment to get rid of planned parenthood, over turn roe wouldn't back the lily led better fair pay act.
7:09 am
they are hiding the ball, making sure women don't know those. he has a miserable record creating jobs in massachusetts. it seems to be the private sector experience is shipping jobs overseas. >> stephanie: that's right. we've had so many polls in this whole season, but as far as i know most of the ones i've seen, that gender gap is right where we thought it was going to be for mitt romney right? >> caller: that's right. usa today came out 16 points, as high as it's ever been. definitely women that are republican women independent women out here in these battle ground states are saying look, mitt romney, i can't trust him. he's too extreme and also, he'll say anything to get a vote, but you can't trust him once he's president. >> stephanie: you are in virginia. i know it's very, very close. what is the latest polling you're hearing out of virginia? >> caller: i think in virginia, there's two big races the senate race and presidential
7:10 am
race. i think the president's going to carry virginia. i think tim cain's going to be elected to the u.s. senate, and a lot of it on these issues, on the doors knocking on doors and on phone banks today women are saying i can't believe this is a guy running for president who doesn't know where he is on equal pay, wants to get rid of birth control coverage in insurance plans and wants to get road of planned parenthood. every woman in america knows what that means. mitt romney may not know, but women do. >> stephanie: i'm reading a piece, because we're so focused on the presidential, but there's a lot going on particularly with female candidates and particularly in the senate. it looks like the odds are the democrats are going to retain the senate, right. >> caller: yes, and there are so many women running for the senate this time. we really stand to have a record number of women join the senate, so, you know, in a number of battleground states, as well.
7:11 am
baldwin, it's exciting, doing really, really well in wisconsin. the list goes on. >> stephanie: it's interesting that you almost one talk about the war against women you almost can't write this stuff from todd akin to richard mourdoch. those are two seats right there. >> caller: that's right those exactly. the thing i think that is important, stephanie about, you know todd akin and richard mourdoch people act like they're somive outliars. they are representing the republican platform. that's however it's gotten. the irony is here's mitt romney running ads saying i need richard mourdoch in the united states senate. if that's who mitt romney needs in the united states senate, you can only imagine who he would put on the united states supreme court. that is, you know, it's been. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: really chilling. >> stephanie: cecile, that's the amazing thing not only how offensive their comments are all of these different republicans about rape, they
7:12 am
don't get how offensive they are. that's the other layer of it. >> caller: the thing that kind of perplexes me, paul ryan in the vice presidential debate, i said this, i thought it made it crystal clear when he said look, my personal religious views are that life begins at conception and therefore basically, i believe that every woman in america should live under my religious edict. that is what they believe. they don't, first of all none of them can get pregnant, so i don't know where they come off having the opinions they do, but in any case, it's not because someone's religious views such that somehow every woman in america's going to suffer as a result is crazy. >> stephanie: if men could get pregnant cecile, there would be a planned parenthood on every block. >> caller: absolutely. i know. and maybe one day, there will be. >> stephanie: i hope so. thanks for your great work in the campaign and coming out on
7:13 am
such a big day. we really appreciate it. >> caller: great to talk to you stephanie, forward! >> stephanie: forward! >> forward 2012. you know what? you don't have to vote for romney, you really don't. we need to remind you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yeah! >> stephanie: yeah! rocky mountain mike knocking one out for election day. jim gemmed who said he has a real plan for the math test?
7:14 am
teresa said that. >> stephanie: who said i'm voting for barack obama and joe biden because i trust them to care for the middle class and restore the middle team? >> ron blare. [buzzer] >> stephanie: steven in florida said that. >> ok. >> stephanie: bad guesses. 16 minutes after the hour. kids carbonite, i don't know what we would do without it. all of our guests are in the computer over there, sound bytes. [ whatever ]
7:15 am
>> how could we do without our jingles. he has that all backed up. look at all the people back east. i had a flood in my office in l.a. and lost all my stuff on my computer long before carbonite. i've lost every single kind of way, which is why they in vented carbonite. you don't want to remember to back stuff up. you never have to remember to do it, set it up once and it backs up everything in your computer automatically and continually whenever you're connected to the internet. get unlimited space for $59 for the entire year, including remote access to your files. there are plans to cover unlimited computers for your business for one low fee.
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go for a free trial code stephanie. >> 17 minutes after the hour. one huge celebrity to be named in a momentum as we continue. >> on the "stephanie miller show" miller show in suburban america this morning. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪ lysol disinfectant spray kills mold and unlike clorox clean-up it's approved to keep it from growing back for up to a week. join the mission for health. see how people everywhere are using lysol disinfectant spray and share your own story on facebook.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪
7:20 am
>> those of you who haven't done this just for me, but for each other, for a laid off family member, for a sick child for a fallen friend, for all of you who lived and breathe the hard work of change, i want to thank you you. >> stephanie: thank you, mr. president. we've got you back forward. twenty minutes after the hour. why doesn't this happen to me every day? >> i don't know. >> stephanie: good morning,al free woodard. i'm a huge fan. everybody i've talked to does not see this enthusiasm gap. >> caller: i think it's in their interest to create, you know, drama. i have not been with the first lady, i've been in the
7:21 am
hinterlands darling. people are excited and do understand the progress that the president has made on our behalf. they are that's the thing that's surprising, no, people know things are underway and they know how to protect it. people are turning out. a lot of people have already early voled. it's going to happen the way it happened the first time. doesn't hatter how many billions of dollars goes into ads or all of that. it's that neighbor to neighbor, hand to hand conversations, a understand it's been happening everywhere. >> how hinter are the lands that you're in somewhere have you been and where are you now. [ laughter ] >> caller: now i've landed, going to headquarters this morning to do radio for the rest of the day but i have been on the ground in nevada, colorado, iowa florida, north carolina virginia pennsylvania, ohio, and i think that's it, but
7:22 am
making a loop, kind of like that lady at the airport in the white zone kind of thing just making the loop. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you know interesting you used the phrase about pundits like to create drama. alfre woodard is paid to create drama. i literally tuned in this morning and somebody saying if the black turnout isn't the same, won't we be able to say tomorrow -- they're creating story lines that haven't happened to try to create this narrative. >> caller: they are and they do the narratives that mitt romney was surging in the polls after surging in anybody's mind after that first sort debate. it has to be that or else they're out of work. they get excited and they have their own world that they do together but the truth is people know what it is. they know that when those guys
7:23 am
say they're going to on day one start taking apart the affordable care act when he won't even comment on the led bedder for fair pay. when he starts taking away pell grants, this is on the first day. i don't know how long he thinks a day is, but people understand what is at risk and they understand what's possible, and so they understand that you don't grow an economy, you know, like you plant vegetables, you don't think you're going to have a salad by the weekend. everything is in place the economy is growing and it's not the fanfare and flashiness that americans get used to, but they are maturing as an electorate. people are responding to that. >> stephanie: like the president just said, everything you just said, basically, he summed it up best. we've come too far to turn back now. you can look at hard evidence, any grasp on the economy anything, that we are headed in the right direction. >> caller: this is the amazing
7:24 am
thing, he did that with an openly disloyal opposition. can you imagine what we could have gotten done if they actually took their pledge to govern and to represent america and their best interests? all of that has happened with the absolute undertow. the thing that he does have on his side is the grassroots, is the american people, but we have to show up. he can't do it by himself. we have to show up and stand up and understand that even if you have $10 or if you've got $10 million, that vote weighs the same today. so that's what everybody needs to convince those people who feel like they don't matter, that yeah, it's going to go on with or without you. it's going to go on, so amitoses well jump in. >> stephanie: that's a good point. imagine what he can accomplish in this next term. i hope that that also happens in this election, that the message
7:25 am
is sent that we wanted you to work with president obama to, you know, continue the progress that we've made. >> caller: yes and out of unprecedented lows, that's what's amazing people say you acted like he was the one like he was chosen. he's one of something, because what he has brought us back from the brink of was unprecedented. he may not be the one but we are the one, we are the american people standing up with him. reach across lines and not told a different story in different states. people responded to that. they responded to working together on the things that we had in common to push forward and not arguing forever on things we're never going to agree on. >> stephanie: didn't he just proof that with chris christie that he has always been willing to work across the i'll to get things done if people would meet him and work with him.
7:26 am
that's what just happened, right? >> caller: yes, the land is a great leveler because it is, and we can have all the arguments we want, but the land and things like climate change, you know, reaching out and when people say we don't want federal assistance in natural disasters they can have that opinion. everyone is entitled to their opinion but you can't govern a country like ours if you're not going to govern 100% of the people. alfre woodward. >> woodard! mitt romney has meat loaf on his side. >> caller: thank you so much. >> stephanie: woodard! i can say it! we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from
7:27 am
viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i make you laugh? i'm they're muse you? what do you mean funny how? how am i funny? you think i'm a clown here to muse you? 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. [ "jeopardy theme" ] >> stephanie: who said no mother should have a choose between food and medication for their child. who said that? >> alfre woodard? >> no, andrea from orlando. it's a whole bunch of people all mormon voting for president
7:32 am
obama. isn't that something. >> is that legal? >> stephanie: i believe it is. >> ok. >> stephanie: it's tuesday. >> there's only one man who understands. ♪ >> charlie pierce for ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: happy election day, charlie pierce! >> caller: i'm lounging here on the beach on the shore of the atlantic ocean. >> you're in florida. >> caller: yeah, it's a real ocean that gets the mad and eats things not like the candy ass ocean you got out there. >> stephanie: our pacific! the lines were six hours long yesterday in florida. >> caller: i'll tell you what, this place would embarrass panama, i swear to god. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: this is not -- i mean, it's funny but so not funny and as much as i admire
7:33 am
the people waiting in line for five hours to vote, nobody should have to wait five hours to vote. it's a complete embarrassment. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: until you're close up you don't know. the hoops people have to go through. >> stephanie: no is not an accident, this is by design, by republicans, whether in ohio or florida. as you wrote this week, there is absolutely no question that republican officials used their office to suppress democratic turnout in several critical states ohio and florida the whole question of voter fraud is the purest moonshine which i believe even john mccain strategist admitted yesterday. you said people are going to pretend the people represent two sides of the same reality. the media drives us both case, right? >> caller: i watched that happen a couple of days ago god helped
7:34 am
me i watched morning joe. they are doing a six hour show today, which i believe is a crime against humanity. >> stephanie: i actually watched for a few minutes this morning. that's what i'm saying. i can't take david gregory on sunday, but today just this whole as if it has already happened, there's an enthusiasm gap, there's not going to be youth turnout for the president. it's like. >> caller: and by the way there's no data behind any of that. >> stephanie: right keep going. >> caller: hello? >> stephanie: i dropped a piece of your fabulous writing. i had to go pick it up. >> caller: did you drop it down a well. >> stephanie: lassie! >> charlie pierce calling. >> caller: lassie's trying to tell us that stephanie fell down the well again. >> stephanie: lassie,, go get it.
7:35 am
>> caller: i don't need to alarm anybody, but there's a lizard in the tree next to me right now. >> stephanie: what do you think i saw. >> caller: it's a head fake. he goes to pittsburgh, gets the ohio markets too. people don't seem to understand that. >> stephanie: you know the main reason, because david axelrod does not look good without a mustache. >> caller: people don't remember that mccain tried the same thing in 2008 and lost by 10. he was in pennsylvania last couple weeks too. yeah, i mean the overall the overall impression i'm going to come away with from this election is just, you know, being down here is just, bun day after another the barriers being thrown up to disenfranchise. it's disspiritting. that's why they were put together, to get people out of the habit of governing themselves. i think anybody who does that is
7:36 am
committing a cream against what the country is supposed to be about. i don't mean to preach, but it's really been driven home down here. >> stephanie: yeah, i hear you. >> caller: by the way if rick scott gets 25% of the vote when he runs for reelection, i will be amazed. >> stephanie: i know. charlie, great stuff. i was wondering how we were talking earlier about how much is mitt romney cursing his choice of the zombie eyed running mate. chris christie looks like he just helped barack obama win the election. >> caller: sent him to alabama a couple of times. in case you haven't checked out the entire blog, my wife add a post. the alabama state republican victory party is being held at a gun range. >> really? >> caller: what could possibly go wrong? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: this is what you pointed out. there he was getting snotty with
7:37 am
a guy in flint about begun control. you'd forgotten about his culture warrior status. >> caller: oh, yeah, he. >> stephanie: he told a group of evangelical christians that obama's plans threaten. >> day yo christian values. >> caller: this is no longer a dog whistle. this is a siren you crank with your hand. muslim negro. [ siren ] >> you closed by saying they've run a racist campaign. chris was saying they're just throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the wall. >> caller: they have not been -- by the way if you had 7:00 this
7:38 am
morning in pool on when fox would first mention the new black pen they are party one win. >> stephanie: really, already? >> caller: there was a black man with a beret in philadelphia and fox news found him. >> stephanie: awesome. awesome. we earlier sort of encouraging people to intimidate voters if they looked like they were going to vote for the black guy. >> caller: i mean, i spent a lot of my time writing sports amounted i know a lot of sportscasters and i like a great number of them. the problem is if you like let them out of the box and let them talk about real stuff, you're just asking for massive amounts of trouble. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> stephanie: well said, charlie. happy election day, thanks for checking in. >> caller: happy election day to you guys. how does everybody feel? i forget to ask. >> stephanie: i'm feeling
7:39 am
cautiously happy clappy. >> optimistic. >> caller: that was a big grown from jim. >> what else are he going to get from jim? >> i'm reading about the voting machines. >> stephanie: of course you are because you are jim. ♪ ♪ >> caller: i mean, listen, i'm not at this point capable of not believing any story about some kind of if i nagling in the balloting. i was a little weirded out by the rally in iowa. i have realized it was the last time doing that. >> stephanie: he teared up. i did too. >> caller: things are looking very good in massachusetts by the way. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: somehow i thought so. >> caller: no, no, oh, no, on the senate race. >> stephanie: oh, elizabeth warren yay! i was again, i was looking at analysis of all the senate races and i think looking very good
7:40 am
for democrats to regain control right? >> caller: yeah. i watched that a little bit of c span last night of the senatorial debate in north dakota. they had it in a middle school auditorium, which i think is completely adorable. >> stephanie: it's like a little thanksgiving ask it. >> caller: all right guys. >> stephanie: can scott go back to hand modeling. >> caller: the plot is massachusetts is that kerry gets named secretary of state and scott brown runs for his seat. he is the master of the special election, after all. >> stephanie: he probably can't fit in the pink pads and shorts anyway anymore. >> he is too old to go back to hand modeling, he needs porcelana. >> stephanie:
7:41 am
>> stephanie: connie britton in california. >> connie of american horse story and friday night lights? sweet! >> stephanie: i believe in the america he wants for my grandchildren. who said that? >> tom brokaw. >> stephanie: no, that was nancy in michigan. you know her. who said we need for more years of rare to help the middle class achieve a stable economy. who said that? james taylor from north carolina. i know him. he knows something because he's seen fire. >> in his mind, hes going to carolina. >> did he actually go there in his body, too? >> stephanie: apparently. >> ok. >> sharon in arizona you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: i wanted to let you know, don't worry about the youth her in arizona. they're out working like mad.
7:42 am
i've been working at the obama headquarters in carmona headquarters. they were planning on staying out all night putting door hangers out. >> stephanie: good! like i say, i don't even know where they get these media story lines from, but they keep rhetting it, that it's going to be this or that, enthusiasm gap. judy says uh-uh, good morning. >> caller: good morning! i agree with you i love you and alfre woodward very, very much. >> stephanie: thank you. everyone must mispronounce it the same way now. [ laughter ] >> caller: how many times do we democrats have to be flimflammed by these fools on the right? they did it to al gore, trying to put up phony numbers now. what can be done legislatively jim, to make sure that in the
7:43 am
next four years we prepare for this kind of nonsense again, for the lies that they're creating? >> one thing they have to do is outlaw these machines that can be easily hacked. >> caller: can we do that? is there something our president, that president obama can do in four years to take care of this. >> these machines should be manufactured and maintained only by the u.s. government. >> exactly. >> not by for-profit companies. >> stephanie: that's what i said partisans of either side. charlie christensen, we should not run elections the way we do with the greatest democracy in the world. it is too systematic, these republican governors trying to suppress the vote. >> democracy brought to you by the koch brothers. >> stephanie: 46 minutes after the hour. that's the other reason to vote, supreme court, supreme court supreme court citizens united. >> who said that? >> stephanie: me, i just did.
7:44 am
>> sweet lady gaga, that is good. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the trucks are going farther.
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the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: i'm sorry election stress is getting to me. did not mean snap at you laugh will have. >> oh, my god!
7:49 am
[ laughter ] >> stephanie: it's one minute after the hour. >> stephanie: it's election day. i don't agree with that guy who called me the c. worth. >> which guy? >> stephanie: i don't know, the latest. >> me? >> stephanie: the boss says. >> president obama ran last time as the man of hope and change. you hear a lot of talk about how things are dirt now. things aren't different now. it's crunch time now. >> stephanie: yeah, baby, you were born to run to the polling booth, go. bruce springsteen says so. he made chris christie cry. that's the cutest story. he was talking to the penalty about storm stuff and the president said hang on, a guy named bruce wants to say hi.
7:50 am
>> i fail to believe that was the first time they ever talked to each other. >> stephanie: hope election day everybody. wow. this is the morning of entirely too many stars. john cho. >> hi, john. >> hey how are you? >> stephanie: good! you have been focusing mostly on the college vote? >> caller: yes, i have, i've been traveling around a bit and trying to get college kids to go register and vote and today's the big day. i can't believe it's here. >> stephanie: i know! most recently, you were in nevada? >> caller: most recently i was in colorado, nevada the weekend before. >> stephanie: how are you feeling, those are two close states yes? >> caller: i feel pretty good. i'm cautiously optimistic. everyone was slapping me on the back on my way there. everyone is so freaked out over here in california. i felt like i was taking the
7:51 am
burdens of my whole state over there. >> stephanie: we feel your pain. i was saying i cannot go to another party because i'm sick of people rattling me and asking you for answers. >> caller: they shake you by lapels. >> stephanie: i don't have any lapels left on my clothes. >> caller: fresh out of lapels! no! >> stephanie: we're all on one side of the part 17 divide, but you literally keep -- everyone says the same thing. how can this even be close? i feel mitt romney is such a pathetic candidate. when joe car borrow drops his head in his hands and says jesus, watching romney. >> caller: to me, what's strange is that he just seems to undefined. it's not so much that i'm so opposed to him, i don't even know what to align myself against. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: you know what i mean?
7:52 am
to me, it's strange that so many people have accepted his lack of substance. >> stephanie: it's like running against political packing material. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: running against air. what does he stand for? >> caller: i do not know. well i guess there's some things we can gasoline. boy, if you're a woman it's not the smart move to vote for this guy. >> stephanie: are you saying you're unsure if i am? i'm sorry. i'm saying. >> caller: that's my point. are you or are you not? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i don't know how any carbon-based life form can volt for romney, seriously. >> caller: that's true. luckily, we have a very clear choice and an opportunity today. i'm excited. i've been freaked out but woke up today optimistic and excited. >> stephanie: me too. i was saying, sometimes you got to turn the t.v. off because i can't hear one more pundit say there's an enthusiasm gap the youth turnout is not going to be there. >> caller: i'm trying to decide
7:53 am
what time i sit down and start you know, start can assuming the news. i don't know if i should wait for evening. >> i thought you were going to say vodka. >> stephanie: trust me, i'm not turning the t.v. on today. i'm not turning the t.v. on until i have a beverage hat on or maybe wine hat. >> caller: wayne hat. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: john i mean, i think that it's interesting we've had literally so many surrogates, but from almost every state in the country say the same thing they're not seeing the things they're telling us we're seeing on t.v., right? >> caller: they're not seeing, i'm sorry what had sorts of things. >> stephanie: enthusiasm gap and there's not going to be the turnout. >> caller: i don't think so. i've been out there and what i see is people come up and tell me their stories all the time. it's really strange. it's almost like and it's wonderful, people are waiting to tell you why they support the
7:54 am
president, and it's for me, real people are the people voting for barack obama and they've been working for him and volunteering for him. the enthusiasm is what has been largely moving for me. >> stephanie: right. you know i think that that's the thing that drives me crazy it's not going to be like the last time. it's like well, that was historic. obviously we elect the the first african-american president in our history. it's not going to be the same, but that doesn't mean there's not enthusiasm and the desire to move forward right. >> caller: of course it's not going to be the same as last time. nothing is the same as last time. >> stephanie: thank you. why do you think they wrote that song the second time around? sometimes things are better the second time around. >> caller: and thankfully it's not like last time. it's not i mean, the economy isn't as much in per i will, but there's still so much work to be
7:55 am
done. i just feel like the guy obama i mean that the guy has done so much in the last four years i feel like just on that alone he deserves to sort of complete the eight year cycle don't you think? >> i don't know, i do. the first time can be exciting, also messy and a little terrifying. i think we all just need to -- >> caller: i lost track of what we're talking about. >> stephanie: i know. >> caller: i like the direction this is going. [ laughter ] >> caller: this is sharing. >> stephanie: let's just bask in the after glow tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: john cho from harold and kumar and star trek. he has a man giggle. >> yes, he does. >> stephanie: jake gyllenhall, sarah jessica parker, next on the "stephanie miller show." she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show."
7:56 am
ñv [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: all right happy election day everybody. jackie schechner i'm going read you a story from today's los angeles times. national voting poll late movement toward obama raising the possibility the election might not drag out. the president continues to maintain a slight edge in the vast margety of opinion polls. >> so nate silver was right. >> i don't think my heart could take it dragging out. >> stephanie: you're lucky you're not in here with us, because the distress in this
7:57 am
studio. [ farting sounds ] >> it's palpable. >> i kept it to the heart area. you want to talk about g.i. stuff, go right ahead. >> stephanie: oh god i feel i can't take another 2000. i really can't. here she is, jackie schechner in the current news center. >> good morning. we showed you vice president biden and mitt romney voting, now video of paul ryan also casting his vote. here he is in janesville wisconsin. he's got to vote for himself twice today, because he is up for his congressional seat. now he will screen mitt romney at a campaign event in cleveland, then richmond, virginia before heading to boston where he's going to watch the results roll in tonight. while romney and ryan squeeze in a last few campaign events, the president is with the first lady and their daughters in hyde park and plans radio and t.v. interviews and then will play basketball. already this morning he's made
7:58 am
one unscheduled stop at a field office in the area. he's going to make some calls or has made some calls to voters in wisconsin and thank his staff and volunteers. he then went on to congratulate governor mitt romney for running a "spirited" campaign. the president plans to watch the start of tonight's results with his family at home, then will move on to mccormick center to join up with supporters. politico reporting that chrysler has given the entire work force the day off. the news came via ralph jills who tweeted he's the vice president of the chrysler, saying that they wanted everyone to go out and vote. he's been tweeting a lot lately, because he's taking on donald trump spreading the romney lie that chrysler is moving jeep production to china. ♪ ♪
7:59 am
media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: yes, it is, why? because it's election day president obama's going to win and i get to see good morning jake gyllenhall. >> caller: good morning, what's going on? you make me giggly. >> caller: you make me giggly, too. >> stephanie: well i'm a huge fan and what a big day. i know you've been out on the trail. how you are feeling today? >> caller: good.
8:03 am
i haven't been so much out on the trail but in sport of getting people to vote, which is so important always. i think it's sort of like empowering as an american today to feel like you have the right to exercise your choice and who you want to be a leader of this great country of ours, so that's what i've been trying to do as much as possible. i'm feeling good. i'm actually feeling good, feeling positive today, which is a nice thing. >> stephanie: good. i was reading a letter from an iraq vet who watched a special about soldiers who have lost limbs and life trying to secure the vote for villages in afghanistan, and how important it is. i mean, just like what you just said, how important it is to vote. >> yeah, i think it's empowering. there's nothing better. i remember turning 18, being able to vote, being able to get out there and say this is who i want to be the leader of my country, my state whatever it might be and i think that's what's so great about being an american. it's interesting to think that
8:04 am
there are some people who vent go and vote. to me, it's great to be telling people to go out and vote. it's empowering. it makes you feel great. you have your little slip, button or sticker and you feel great. >> stephanie: it's amazing how a little sticker can make you feel. >> caller: it is, it's the little things that lead to the big things. >> stephanie: right. not just green stamps when i was a child have i felt so good about a stick every. jake, have you always been political and what do you feel the stakes are this time. >> caller: well, my goal is i think it's a strange time when actors have to act like politicians and politicians have to act like actors. i do feel it's important to be involved in what's going on in the country and having a right to say what you feel, and believing in it strongly, and that's what it's about to be an american. i don't know about political necessarily, but i do believe deeply in democracy and i
8:05 am
believe deeply in our government and the most important decision we can make. i was involved in that since i was a kid. my parents were always very politically involved and it was important to them and it's pretty inspirational when you get involved in it. >> stephanie: where did you grow up? >> caller: los angeles. >> stephanie: you're home boy. >> caller: i'm a home boy. you're making me giggle. >> stephanie: it's hilarious the right wing is who cares stupid hollywood celebrities who cares. lets ask meat loaf. >> caller: i believe that, too. sometimes i hesitate to think about, you know, getting out there, but i think if you have an ability to talk in a larger format i think it's incredibly important and also to never criticize anybody's opinion. that's what it's about being an american. if you have an opportunity to get on a radio show or talk to people about what you believe in and you have an ability to say
8:06 am
who you might vote for that's important. it's not something to be criticized. it's what being an american is all about. >> stephanie: it's very, very important to be on the "stephanie miller show" and secondary to vote today. >> caller: that is the order. [ laughter ] >> jake, you know i don't want to quit you but you've got other places to go. >> caller: i hope you get out there and get your little sticker. >> stephanie: i will, jake, thanks so much. >> caller: all right have a good morning. >> stephanie: happy election day. oh my god! he's got gravy. >> i'm about to say something optimistic. nate silver released his final forecast projecting 313 electoral votes for barack obama. that's quite a few. chance of winning, 90.9%.
8:07 am
>> stephanie: and we believe in math. we believe infancy math and arithmetic as bill clinton said. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: yes! ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: yeah, all right! whoo! [ "jeopardy theme" ] >> stephanie: who said i've watched him fight for our
8:08 am
country, stand by the middle class, education of our children women environment and matters of national and domestic security. who said that? >> nancy wilson. >> stephanie: susan in virginia. jim, who understands the gifted 12-year-old whose parents were deported and left her here with her grandmother will be allowed to finish her education. she's been in the u.s. since 2001. who said that? >> ann wilson. >> stephanie: nobody from heart. jaime from north carolina. >> michael from new york. >> stephanie: all right, don in tampa, florida with a report from there. hello. >> caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. >> stephanie: thank you for calling. >> caller: thank you yeah, i
8:09 am
wanted to say that the worst governor in the united states, as mr. pierce was talking about for sure, i think rick scott's budget here, which took care of corporations really is going to affect the women vote here, because all these state and local workers that got laid off are women and i really think that that's one of the reason that women are going to vote for democrats this time around. >> stephanie: yep absolutely, and also because cher told them to. did you see this? >> i hope you'll join me in supporting richard make your dock. >> actually we won't. there's a lot at stake in this election especially for those who love women and respect them. >> stephanie: the point is, this is not the election to be complacent. >> honestly, this is sick stuff. richard mourdoch thinks pregnancy resulting from rape is a gift from god.
8:10 am
>> is that not true? >> no. maybe he can sit next to todd akin who thinks that women's bodies magically shut down pregnancies that result from legitimate rape. is that how they magically attack? >> these guys around running fourgon council, they're running for the u.s. senate. >> what about the guy that looks like dracula. >> lucky i speak cher, she means paul ryan. i think women should have the right to choose for forcible rape. >> i didn't know there was unforcible rape. >> romney and his buddies are trying to turn back time on women's rights. this is serious. it's all or nothing. we are talking about choice and fair pay and health care, one by one. they are acting like a bunch of
8:11 am
gypsies tramps and thieves. >> voters, we need you to do something for your country. we need you to come together, protect women's rights, so on november 6, go and vote. make your friends vote. call over people and tell them to vote. >> text your gamma talk to my 92-year-old challengic mother. make that person vote. the person who says it's a long day for me, i'd like to go to the club later. get that dude to vote. which is cher, witches do what% she said. >> i'm cher and i approved this message. romney wants to turn back time. [ laughter ] >> i expect her to say we got you babe. >> stephanie: she got almost all of it. another reason to love cher, she's in a twitter fight with ann romney. >> stop it. >> stephanie: is to be stop it. she tweeted it would be almost impossible for obama to debate a
8:12 am
liar who changes his mind at the drop of a hat. a source close to ann said she'd like to see cher say those things to her face. i bet you cher would. >> cher definitely would and cher would win that fight. >> stephanie: you would be moon struck. [ applause ] >> snap out of it! >> she would say snap and you out of it. >> i would give money to see cher slap. >> stephanie: no, we do not promote violence. >> she gets a cage. >> stephanie: he had it coming. hi roxanne. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i'd like to say that when president obama gets reelected for a second term, i think it should be announced that it was a gift from god. >> stephanie: nice. there you go. you would think mitt romney would have a way of shutting that down. smack.
8:13 am
by the way here he is quoting annie on the campaign trail. >> this is awkward. >> romney: tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. >> oh, is that what they're getting in place of that friday night lights thing. >> stephanie: always tomorrow for you to go back. >> he has a house in every state. >> stephanie: ok. >> he's almost quoting mack beth there. >> stephanie: that was weird. 17 minutes after the hour. up next, sarah jessica parker, wow! next on the "stephanie miller show." >> hey, a freak show! >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
8:14 am
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: 21 minutes after the hour, happy election day. >> this is the fight song? >> stephanie: good enough. ok why don't i get to say stuff like this every morning like hello, sarah jessica parker. >> caller: hello stephanie miller! i can't believe i'm talking to you. >> stephanie: i'm such a fan. >> caller: i've been a great admirer of yours for years and years and years and years. >> stephanie: i am going to plots. now i don't care what happens today. >> caller: i was excited to see your name on the schedule, really, really pleads. >> stephanie: i'm a huge fan. i love my listeners writing me, please ask her a question about square pegs. it's election day people. >> caller: speaking of square pegs, let's talk about romney for a minute. >> there you go! >> stephanie: ok, now.
8:18 am
you've been politically involved and that's another reason wife been a big fan of yours, as well. this year, it's almost impossible not to get involved as a woman isn't it? >> caller: yes that's certainly my impression of how important this election is, yes. i think, you know, that's, i mean some previous interviewer asked me that kind of picked the most important issue of this campaign this election, really hard to do, because there's so much at stake, i said equality and 47% of the people that romney was so quick to dismiss behind closed doors those women who really need and deserve the kind of advocacy that president obama has shown over the last four years. we have a supreme court, ruth bader ginsburg who has been a though tiny, a mighty and robust
8:19 am
and important voice on the supreme court. it's likely that there will be an appointment, in her place. i mean but the issues with women, you know, turn into family issues which turn into economic issues, and so yeah, this election, to think from the point of view of a woman is easy and important to do, and it was a great piece actually in the times. you probably read it, by nicholas kristoff that i think summarized it well, entitled how romney would treat women from november 3. i think if people have a second toe read it, it paints the very scary portrait of what the next four years would look like under the romney and ryan administration for the women. >> stephanie: like ruth bader gunsburg, you are tiny and robust. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i know you had a big fundraiser for the president in your place in new york city.
8:20 am
>> caller: we did in june. >> stephanie: did ordinary people get to go to your amount? >> caller: something very smart the campaign did is they opened up the opportunity which, you know was wonderful and really was the cherry on the sundae for me was to meet these extraordinary women who won the sweepstakes to come. they are wonderful and have important lives and are doing important things. it was wonderful to meet them. to sit next to the first lady was a real privilege and have the president speak in our home with my son gazing at him was a memory i will never forget. i love meeting our winners. >> stephanie: did they ask to see your shoe closet first or what was the first order? >> caller: you know curiously enough nobody was interested in my closet. the first lady eclipsed my closet, which i'm happy to report. >> stephanie: you've been
8:21 am
political for a while though. it just seems like everybody says i did every time, this is the most important election in our lifetime, but honestly, no this one does feel like it doesn't it? >> caller: yeah, i have been involved for a long time. i like to point that out because my first campaign was for mcgovern in 1972. i come from a long line of democratics, working class democrats, union members, and i think it was really nice to be politicized early because it was about my city and only being an actress i think concern gets in the way of being a citizen that i don't want people to think that because i'm an actress i feel i have a right to talk about it. my only desire is to talk about the issues that are important and this election, yeah, i thought the last time, i thought that was the most important election of our lifetime, but i
8:22 am
think this one is more so, because whorl really look at the two parties the differences are so stark. there is so much as stake and the extreme positions that mitt romney has adopted, his choice of a vice presidential candidate alone is really, really scary for a better part of americans and they are the americans who have given the most to us, the middle class workers the people who have been working so hard to gain that status, our veterans, senior citizens, our people that have worked incredibly hard and have played by the rules and i think this is an election about jobs and justice and i think that without obama in the white house for the next four years we will really, really feel an enormous an powerful change that i think is going to really hurt once gotten 47% that mitt romney
8:23 am
feels simply aren't important enough. i think in some ways, he holds them in contempt. >> stephanie: jonathan's piece in the new york magazine about how obama is the greatest president he thinks in his lifetime. i agree. that he's gotten such an amazing amount done against absolute complete obstructism. >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: look what happened in your hometown and look at how he works with chris christie. this is the hand he's been offering across the aisle all along. >> caller: yeah. i think it's very easy and there's been really a shameless stump speech the last couple days of mitt romney talking about sort of the hate and division that obama has tried to perpetrate in some way. i think it's ironic, because it's the exact opposite. you know, obama came to office wanting very much and maybe naively believed in this civilized approach sitting down
8:24 am
and reaction across the aisle because he came from that. >> stephanie: that's why it's not going to work and we're going to win today. the narrative doesn't match reality. even if you don't agree with obama, does anyone say what a hateful, angry guy. >> caller: i think it's a desperate last attempt at scaring people of dividing people of preying upon people's fierce. people are scared. it's been a really rough four years. president obama inherited as james wilkie my son said oh, my god, mama, he inherited a bucket of crap, and he was scared and right to be. he has made really smart decisions. he has saved. >> stephanie: we're out of time, i'm so sorry, i love you with the heat of a thousand hot critical suns. thank you, sarah jessica parker. >> caller: my pleasure. get out and vote, everybody!
8:25 am
presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] announce announce stephanie miller. >> don't toy with me, woman especially not today. >> stephanie: not today! 34 minutes after the hour. happy election, everybody vote, vote vote! 1-800-steph-1-2 the toll free nobody from anywhere. you're on the stephanie miller show. >> caller: how are you doing today? good. >> caller: i've already voted. go obama. i wanted to give you a message of hope and one of worry. >> stephanie: ok. >> caller: ok, here's the worry. back in the republican primary up in iowa, remember they had the rick perry oops? >> yep. >> caller: ok, that's your
8:30 am
worry. here's the hope. if mitt romney is doing so well and so popular why did he have to get the coal miners boss to pull them out of work to stand behind him. >> stephanie: at human props. chrysler has just given all their employees off to go vote. all right what a day election day. it's that time of the morning when i say hi, rob reiner. >> caller: hi, stephanie miller. >> stephanie: you were awesome on bill maher. >> caller: thank you very much, dear. >> stephanie: as you were on the sexy liberal tour. >> caller: it was a great night at the theater. i love doing your show. >> stephanie: we were working you like a red haired step child this election season. how do you feel today? >> caller: i feel pretty good. i'm a nate silver guy, you know, nate silver is wrong his whole
8:31 am
career is over. he's got more at stake here than the two candidates. >> you are absolutely right about that. >> stephanie: i bet you he's sweating more than any of us to day. >> caller: up to 92%. that's pretty good. i don't know what that means but i feel good. the battleground states, the polls have just basically not moved at all since even before the conventions. >> stephanie: right. i think as nate silver says, the momentum is moving toward obama in these last days. he said whether it's because of his hurricane response or economic numbers you don't know but obviously that's always good in the last days, right? >> caller: yeah, the thing that was interesting about the hurricane, it's the october surprise, everybody says, but it put in very stark relief the difference between how republicans view government and how democrats view government. you know, republicans have, you know every man for themselves.
8:32 am
pull yourselves up by your bootstraps. government believes we're all in this together. i think motor nature delivered a very interesting, you know, stark reality there. >> yeah. >> he's democratic obviously. >> stephanie: clearly. >> caller: obviously she's a democratic. >> >> stephanie: but also, michael bloomberg was not going to get into the race add all and did. he and colin powell are powerful endorsements. >> caller: i think the endorsement was chris christie. he tried to walk back the enforcement by saying you know, i'm really for mitt romney. >> stephanie: no one believes him. [ laughter ] >> least of all mitt romney. >> stephanie: rob the other thing, you're such a hero out here regarding marriage equality obviously on the ballot in maine minnesota and washington today, brad pitt just
8:33 am
gave $100,000 to the national marriage fund, the h.r.c. how you are feeling about all of that. >> caller: i feel pretty good about three of them. maryland is a squeaker and washington will be fine. minnesota, i think, you know, it's the great thing about all this is that marriage equality, and gay rights have been on the ballot now 32 times and we're 0-32 and so it's good, i think for the first time, we're going to see some victories here, which is a huge step forward because, you know, we've got now up to 54% people in this country believe that gays, less beans should have the right to marry. >> stephanie: i don't know if you saw this. we'll post this. last thursday, the president took time to respond to a 10-year-old girls letter about her two gay dads and it's so beautiful, this letter the president wrote to this little girl. it's just one of the so many issues that you know i think. >> caller: no, it is beautiful
8:34 am
and here's the thing, you know, people who are on the side of broadening rights, giving more rights to people, they're always, they always win whether it's african-american rights or it's women's rights, now gay rights, which is the last leg of the civil rights race that we're running here, whenever you expand people's rights and give people equality, you tend to be on the right side, even though there are forces that are pulling you down, eventually the right thing happens. we're seeing that happen now in this country. >> stephanie: you know, e.j. dejuan said i think tomorrow, he wrote this yesterday we're going to move forward because that's what we do as people, that's what we tend to do at americans. >> it is, it is. there are a lot of forces that want to, you know, have every man for themself and have rich people, you know, be the -- i mean it goes back to --
8:35 am
essentially, we're running we're still in a civil war, you know, it's a political civil war that we're still in and there are remnants of it. we've seen that racism come rising to the surface here in this last election. when you have people like john assununu saying the only reason collin paul supports obama is because he's black this is stuff that's been submerged coming to the forefront. you've got a civil war that we're still fighting and we're ultimately going to win, the right side will win this. >> charlie pierce this morning the most racially, you know, disgusting campaign he's seen is what he said. you're right, there is no difference now between the rush limbaughs and official romney surrogates. >> caller: it's very scary. they've highjacked, that tea party that highjacked the republicans. it will be interesting if obama
8:36 am
wins, and i believe he will. what's going to happen in terms of, you know, comity? comedy we always have, comity. >> stephanie: comedy will be fine. >> caller: i think we have a chance of moving forward. if romney were to win it will be a disaster, because he's going to be held captive by those crazies to the right and he owes them and he'll be held captive. it will be another year of grid lock with harry reid basically filibustering everything. we want to move forward. it's enough already. we want to start, you know, solving problems, and we can because the democrats have basically become the moderate republicans. we've got a crazy right wing republican party and we basically have a middle of the road party, which is the democrats. we're not liberals anymore. there is no more liberals. all the policies are very, very middle of the road.
8:37 am
>> stephanie: yep and yet if romney loses tomorrow, the rush limbaughs are going to say it's because we went too moderate again and we'll say yes go farther right. >> caller: there's no question. elf definitely say that. >> stephanie: you're not far right enough, that's the problem. it's interesting the mole campaign slogan forward but it really is backward. it's the bush tax cuts even worse, it's back to that foreign policy backwards like you say on equal pay for women equal rights marriage equality. really on every single issue right? >> caller: it is, it is. and, you know, people are, you know, i think and a lot of people are not sophisticated enough to understand that it does take a long time to dig yourself out of the worst economy sips the depression. most economists will say that when you're in as bad an economic situation as we were in, it takes about 10 years to
8:38 am
dig out. we're well on our way. in the next four years you're going to see unemployment rate go down, every indicator housing starts are up. >> stephanie: construction. >> caller: unemployment is down, job creation is up, every single indicator shows we're moving in the right direction. i think for most people, you know, they don't feel it in some cases, they don't feel it and it's not moving fast enough for them, but, you know, these things don't move fast. >> stephanie: yep. rob reiner, have i mentioned to you that i enjoy the movie american president. >> caller: no, you never said that to me. i feel that as a friend of yours, maybe you should once in a while compliment me. >> stephanie: really? i feel we're at one of those moments. >> people want leadership, mr. president. they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. they want leadership. they're so thirsty for it, they'll crawl through the desert for it or drink the sand. >> people don't drink the sand
8:39 am
because they're thirsty. they drink it because they don't know the difference. >> rob reiner storming the castle. >> caller: let's put everything in it. it's close to 11:00. >> stephanie: have we mentioned that mitt romney is a. >> liar! liar! liar! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i think the president is also a fan of american president don't you? because he literally said i am president. he did that once. >> caller: i don't know if he's a fan or not but it definitely seeped to the culture so maybe he picked up on it. >> stephanie: i think it's because my relentless clubbing of people. he's given up. >> caller: you're my number one fan. >> stephanie: i am! [ laughter ] >> i just watched that the other day. >> caller: break his ankles with a sledgehammer. >> stephanie: we just made up a rob reiner move re.
8:40 am
rob reiner, i love you with the heat of a thousand red hot political suns. >> caller: good luck to all of us. i think it's going to be a good day for all of us. >> stephanie: i love you. kiss michelle, you're smoking hot wife. >> remember the quote of fred? i got an email. >> i don't believe you just mentioned k.o. there are expats in kuala luppor. he watches our show. >> stephanie: i just said it because it's the favorite larry king word to say. >> for kim jund. >> caller: l. >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. >> makes me sick in a wonderful wonderful way. >> announcer: it's the stephanie
8:41 am
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
8:45 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] ♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ >> stephanie: yes! ♪ sing it! ♪ ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ >> stephanie: go vote, 50 minutes after the hour. every time you don't vote, ann caughter eats kitten. that's disturbing. wow! we have the greatest surrogates in the world. actress vivica fox alfre
8:46 am
woodard. jake gyllenhall, john cho and rob reiner, sarah jessica parker. they have meat loaf. guess who's working the phones for obama? neil diamond. if you pick up the phone and someone says. ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: someone says that, it's actually him. wow, looky here, katherine archuleta, obama campaign national political director joins us now. >> caller: good morning, how are you? >> cautiously optimistic, how are you? >> caller: very excited. i just came back from meeting voters and volunteers across the country. i can tell you that they are fired up and ready to go. >> stephanie: and i'm guessing moving in a direct that would be considered forward. >> caller: yes. with an exclamation point.
8:47 am
>> exactly. >> stephanie: i'm getting, i can just feel david axelrod run for his must stash and would not be threatening to shave it off if he was not confident. >> caller: it is david axelrod. >> stephanie: how are you guys feeling? i mean obviously i saw david on t.v. this morning. he seems very confident. obviously we've got a lot of close polls but the president's ahead in pretty much every battleground i'm seeing, correct? >> caller: correct. the exciting thing for me as the political director and having had this opportunity to do this for the last 18 months has really been one that where i get to see the voters up close and personal, and as i said, i've been on the road for quite a long time now and just back in chicago late last night. i am absolutely inspired by all the voters here coming out and supporting the president working long hours knocking on doors, making phone calls. it's, the only word i can find
8:48 am
is inspirational. it has been amazing in every part of every state i've been to, whether a small rural town where i was in southern virginia a couple of days ago to, you know, big cities like las vegas or richmond. it was just very, very exciting and heart-warming to see that people are giving up their time to make sure that the phones are working, the doors are knocked on, so i'm feeling very good about what i've seen. >> katherine is the campaign concerned about these voter suppression efforts. while it's inspiring that people stand in line for six hours to vote in florida why is it happening? >> caller: i think that there are some folks who believe that not every person should have the same access to voting, but i will tell you that state county and local officials in florida are really working hard to accommodate the unprecedented
8:49 am
lines and we're working very closely with our attorneys there, looking at all the polling locations around florida and certainly across the country. we're making sure there are volunteers and supportedders providing water and entertainment, making sure that they are shaded from the sun and even as, you know, as our lawyers work our volunteers are working to make sure that those voters do get to vote, and, you know, by the way reminding everybody who is in line that if you're in line by 5:00 p.m. or closing time of the election day, you will get to vote. >> stephanie: ok. >> caller: so they will be accomodated. >> stephanie: entertainment, do you need me to go tell some jokes? >> caller: i was just going to ask if you were available and you had quite a lineup this morning, we could take them, too. they've been working overtime, all the folks you had on this morning are working overtime, supporters for the last two
8:50 am
years, and so we're very honored to have them on our side. >> stephanie: listen, i will take jim ward who will do a mitt romney impression. trust me, everybody in that line will vote for president obama. >> caller: i should have traveled with him. >> stephanie: thank you for taking time this important day. people have died for the right to vote, correct. >> caller: the only poll that counts is the one we take today. >> stephanie: absolutely. katherine, thank you so much, happy election day. forward! president obama is committed to looking out for those voices who go unheard women guys, elderry. mitt romney reminds me of every well meaning yet overbearing male church leader. who said that? >> meat loaf. >> stephanie: that was gerald
8:51 am
from oregon. gypped. >> stephanie: who said my family's roots in mormon church run as deep as mitt romney. he has shown behind closed doors how he feels about the nations vulnerable while president obama stand up for them who desperately need it. >> chuck norris. >> stephanie: kai shore of las vegas. who said he's fighting to defend veterans social security and medicare, because millions of latinos rely on them. who said that? christina. who said it's been wonderful to have president obama as a champion to access for health care for all women in this country. who said that? >> paul ryan! >> stephanie: cecile richards
8:52 am
who we had on earlier. >> we had everybody on this morning. >> stephanie: all right. wow, i have a lot of paperwork this morning. all right. rocky in jersey, welcome. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. >> stephanie: thanks for calling. >> caller: worth the wait. we're without power, but we're getting everybody out to vote. >> stephanie: good. >> caller: lindsey graham is cranking it up all right for the impeachment process. >> stephanie: oh! he needs to go back to telling the truth and saying that they're running out of old angry white men in the republican party. i say we're going to move forward today. ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: yes! ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: all right! go vote! i'm going to vote now! go vote! go vote! we'll see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪ miller show." hd
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